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Date postedFebruary 27, 2010
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LicenseFree (GNU General Public License)
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Displays an icon in the system tray that reflects the results of a ping request to a remote host (to see if it’s contactable).

Version History:
1.24 – Added ability to specify custom icons to use via the command line, reduced memory footprint by ~40%, added option to display balloon notification and/or run an arbitary command whenever the remote host goes offline/online. Big thanks to Alex Ferenstein for helping with this release.
1.10 – Added ability to specify the period between pings (in seconds, via command line and UI), and also added the ability to specify a colour modification to the icon in the system tray (via command line). This is helpful to distinguish between hosts in case you are running multiple instances of the application.
1.00 – Initial release.