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Date postedNovember 5, 2009
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LicenseFree (GNU General Public License)
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This software is free, if you find it useful, feel free to make a donation:

This tool adds functionality to Windows libraries that is not made available in Windows out-of-the-box.


  • Add network (UNC or mapped drive) and any other un-indexed folders to libraries.
  • Backup library configuration, such that a saved set of libraries can be instantly restored at any point (like after a re-install of the OS or for transfer between multiple computers).
  • Create a mirror of all libraries (using symbolic links) in [SystemDrive]:\libraries. This means you can reference all your files using a much shorter path, and also provides another entry-point to your files in many places in the Operating System (e.g. file open/save dialogs).
  • Change a library’s icon.

Version History:
1.12 – Allow multi-select of folders to add to a library.
1.11 – Support for Windows 8, no need for installer anymore.
1.10 – Library structure is backed-up before applying any changes, and if any errors occur the original library structure is restored.
1.09 – Fixed crash when adding icon(s) that do not have 32×32 size.
1.08 – Fixed icon error in 1.07 when adding existing libraries.
1.07 – Fixed crash when loading a library with an icon that no longer exists.
1.06 – Suppress display of ‘Unsupported library locations’ yellow information bar in Windows Explorer, added crash handling for save/load of library sets.
1.05 – Fixed crash when attempting to select more than one folder to include at a time, and provide more detailed information if library creation fails.
1.04 – Fixed crash when enumerating libraries if there is an empty user-created library already existing, and added crash log event handler.
1.03 – Added ability to set library type.
1.02 – Fixed potential crash when adding existing libraries.
1.01 – Added ability to change library icons.
1.00 – Initial release.