Starting programs with administrator rights at login

With the introduction of UAC in Vista, launching a program that requires administrative rights on Windows startup (when you first log in) has become more difficult. One solution that has been doing the rounds is to use the Task Scheduler as a workaround. What a mess! Provided you are not running a 'home' edition of Windows Vista/7, I have found what I believe is the cleanest and easiest way to achieve this (for all users only):

1. Start->Run-> "gpedit.msc"

2. User Configuration->Windows Settings->Scripts (Logon/Logoff)

3. Double-click 'Logon', and add entries for each of the applications you want launched.

Group Policy Logon

The applications you define in here will be launched with administrator rights when anyone logs on without any UAC dialogs being displayed.  

Note: This method cannot be used for specific users, it applies to all users. 

3 thoughts on “Starting programs with administrator rights at login

  1. Hi,
    The ‘Task Scheduler’ method is older then that article, that I first found at via Google and after that I wrote an article at , then I told How-To Geek about it and they wrote an article about it at
    I have no idea how it recently came about in the above article but it is a good method, in that it’s a per-user way to run administrator programs on startup. The method you list runs the programs on startup for all users of the machine, which is bad for multiple users on a machine.
    Microsoft probably should have added a file system attribute to run a program as an administrator like *nux’s setuid file system attribute but I understand why they didn’t as it would be most likely abused.

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