Mouse cursor missing using linux VNC viewer

Seems like the best vnc viewer on linux is ssvnc, much better than the basic tightvnc viewer, however both programs can have an issue where your remote mouse cursor is dipayed as a single pixel (dot) instead of an arrow making it extremely difficult to track. In my case I was VNC-ing from a Linux Mint 13 box to a Fedora 14 box. The solution using ssnvc was to press F8 after connecting, and unselect ‘Cursor Shape’ from the popup menu. However changing this option via the F8 menu does means you will have to do this each time you connect. If you have saved a connection profile, from the connection dialog you can click ‘Options…’, then ‘Advanced…’ then ‘Unix ssnvcviewer…’ and tick ‘Use X11 Cursor’. This solved the problem for me for future connection using that profile. You’ll have to do this for each connection profile unfortunately.

If you know of a better vnc viewer for linux that doesn’t have this issue, post a comment!

3 thoughts on “Mouse cursor missing using linux VNC viewer

  1. Rich Steiner says:

    This can be solved. In the basic GUI for SSVNC, click on “Options”, then click “Advanced”, then click on “Unix ssvncviewer”, and then check the option that says “Use X11 Cursor”.

    Don’t forget to save the options when you’re done.

    This works for me under Xubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise).

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