Logitech G7 mouse freezes

The Logitech G7 is the best mouse I’ve ever had, due to the unique dual-battery system, however I occassionally get an issue where the mouse cursor just suddenly freezes. To resolve this, pull out the Wireless USB key from the battery charger, turn off the mouse using the power button on the bottom of the mouse, the plug the USB key back in, switch on the mouse and your cursor should wake up. For anyone looking at purchasing this mouse, don’t let this issue put you off, it’s not very frequent, and doesn’t outweight the benefits of dual-battery in a wireless mouse.

One thought on “Logitech G7 mouse freezes

  1. Pedro says:

    Do not take this one, it is very frequent and it can be a pain .

    Yes its a great design, no its not reliable.

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