Simplecom NB407 USB Bluetooth 4.0 driver

If you have bought this adapter and are having trouble installing it on Windows 7, which is of course still the best version of Windows available today, and are having trouble reading the mini-cd that is shipped with the adaptor, then you can download the Windows 7 x64 drivers here (who is using x86 still?). I tried to plug this USB adaptor and it just came up as Broadcom BCM2070* in device manager. And broadcom have helpfully decided that Microsoft is to be trusted and they will not host drivers for their hardware anymore. Thanks a lot broadcom.

Normally I would not post 3rd party executables let alone drivers, but I promise, this is the exact binaries off the tiny mini-cd I received when I bought this product, after I tried and re-tried the copy process on different CD-ROMs until I could get all the files. Why should you trust me? Well it’s up to you, it sucks that you have to trust someone on the Internet. Here’s a photo:

Download it here:

Plug in your Simplecom USB adaptor and then run setup and it should work.

Hope it helps.