Magic command to install Asp.Net 4 for IIS 7.5

After creating an ASP.NET web application in Visual Studio, to host it in a freshly installed IIS 7.5, you need to do two things that are not immediately obvious:

  1. Create a new app pool or change the default app pool to target .NET 4 (see IIS->Application Pools).
  2. Run this from the command line:
    %windir%Microsoft.NETFrameworkv4.0.30319aspnet_regiis.exe -i

MSDN has more info on aspnet_regiis command line options here.
Just putting this on my blog so I can remember this magic command line.

On-screen performance monitoring for acceptance tests

If you record videos of your automated acceptance tests (we are using CamStudio), an excellent addition is to install the free Prism HUD utility. This will give you on-screen (but transparent to mouse actions) CPU / disk / network and memory statistics which can be very useful when reviewing these videos. It appears to be the only application that allows reporting of metrics of any process that exceeds a certain (configurable) delta, or is over a certain (configurable) threshold. This means you get much more useful information than just a summary metric (e.g. total CPU utilization), but you don’t clutter your screen with the metrics for all processes, just those ‘that matter’ at any point in time, automatically!!

Go get it here.

Random Programming Quote

I’ve hand-collected > 300 great programming quotes and stuffed them in a tiny console application, which, when run, will randomly print one to the console. Use it as a footer for your nightly build email, or anywhere you have some drabby generated document / email.

Also can be used if you are just bored on a Friday afternoon. 😉

Download it here.